FREE COURSE: What you must know before starting meditation

Discover the 7 Secrets of MODERN FEMALE MEDITATION

The most common questions beginners ask about meditation - answered from a female point of view to avoid disappointments and frustrations when starting a meditation practice.

Have you heard about the 7 secrets behind modern female meditation?

Course Summary

This free online course (for people that identify as women and that want to experience the modern way of female meditation) answers the most common questions beginners might have when starting a meditation practice, for example:

  • "What is the right way to meditate?"
  • "What if I am doing it wrong?"
  • "Which meditation is best for me?"
  • "How do I find a meditation teacher?"
  • "What if meditation doesn't work?"
  • "Why don't I feel good when meditating?"

💡Explore the secrets behind modern female meditation.
💡Find out what the history of meditation has to do with how we meditate today.
💡Learn why women meditate differently than men.
💡Become more knowledgeable and confident before even starting a meditation practice.

Aha-moment = moment of sudden insight or discovery (also known as the "Eureka effect"). ⁠
⁠Get 7+ of those moments here in my free online course!

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E-Book: "The 7 Secrets"

Guided body scan meditation

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E-book "The 7 Secrets"

Guided 5-senses meditation

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Discover the 7 simple secrets behind modern female meditation

what you must know before starting a meditation practice


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Indescribable, the translational personal groundwork that's been discovered with Katja's encouragement.

Hi there, I am Katja,
the face behind
Gravida Coaching.

I am not only passionate about women’s holistic health and well-being, I am also a professional and certified yoga teacher for 13 years, a certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator, a Thai Yoga Therapy practitioner, a published writer, and an online educator. ⁠As of today I have taught yoga and mindfulness to over 20,000 students on two continents.

I am also a crazy cat lady, a chocolate monster, and on my way to become a marathon finisher and published author. ⁠

Born and raised in the former GDR, I now live in Canada. Due to my East German background and roots, and my experience living under unfree conditions, I strongly believe in human rights, equality, and the absolute necessity for personal individual growth and freedom.

I especially enjoy working with women of all ages and backgrounds, helping them through challenging times and transitions.

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You know the secrets behind modern female meditation but you don't know how to start your own meditation practice?

You are too busy to meditate?

You don't know enough to start meditation?

Meditation doesn't work for you?

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An online course for busy modern female people 
that covers:
meditation foundations, practical tips & tricks, and a simple formula to master every meditation technique

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